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In an interview that aired Wednesday on CNN’s “Piers Morgan Tonight,” the justice said that despite reports that he and Chief Justice Roberts had clashed, there is not a personal feud going on between the court’s two leading conservatives.

“There are clashes on legal questions but not personally,” Justice Scalia said of the court. “I haven’t had a falling out with Justice Roberts.”

The Supreme Court late last month upheld much of Mr. Obama’s signature health care law, with Chief Justice Roberts siding with the court’s liberals to uphold the hotly debated core requirement that nearly every American have health insurance. Since then, Justice Roberts has been the focus of derision from some of the nation’s leading conservatives and speculation over whether he switched his vote at the last minute.


Military sport sponsorships can continue, as vote fails

The military and NASCAR will drive on together.

The House on Wednesday rejected an effort by Reps. Jack Kingston and Betty McCollum to trim $72.3 million from a $608 billion defense bill that the military spends on sports sponsorships to attract recruits.

The measure had targeted the money the National Guard spends to sponsor Dale Earnhardt Jr., NASCAR’s most popular driver, as well as IndyCar Series driver JR Hildebrand. It also would have cut money for other military sponsorships from fishing to the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

The amendment to the fiscal 2013 defense spending bill failed on a negative vote of 216-202.


Ann Romney: No decision yet on GOP running mate

The wife of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney says her husband hasn’t yet decided on a running mate.

Ann Romney told ABC News in an interview taped Wednesday that the campaign is “not quite there yet” on the final decision.

She said discussions about vice-presidential candidates took place last week and ran into the weekend. The Romneys spent that weekend at their vacation home in Wolfeboro, N.H., where they also plan to spend this coming weekend.

Romney aide Beth Myers is leading a search that is thought to include Ohio Sen. Rob Portman, former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty and Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, among others.

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