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Walker: Well, it’s always good being on a TV show. Because what it does is, it exposes you to a lot of people. People see you constantly if you’re on all the time. … You can kid yourself and say, `No, I’m better than that.’ Television is the way to go. Better than movies. Better than anything else. …

AP: I realized the other day, Kid Dyn-o-mite, you’re 65 year old, right? I mean, you’re a senior citizen.

Walker: Yes, I can get free food at Denny’s now. Half price. …

AP: So, are you in AARP?

Walker: You get it automatically. They cannot, they send it to you. Whenever I get something from them or anybody else, Social Security, you go, “I guess they must have seen the act. It’s all over. Get out.”

AP: Is this you kind of being funny or you being serious about yourself?

Walker: It’s the reality of life. I’m a reality-ist _ if there’s such a word as that. I didn’t go to college, so I don’t know if there’s such a word. But reality-ist _ I’m THAT guy.

AP: What is your reality?

Walker: The reality is you’re a road comic. You’re out here trying to get a laugh. You’re trying to put tushies in the seats. You hope the majority of people that see you like you. If you come back again you hope they come back to see you. And that’s the reality. You go from town to town, doing your little jokes. And that’s the deal.

AP: Do you ever get tired of “dyn-o-mite?”

Walker: It’s good that people like ANYTHING that you do. Because enough people think you SUCK, believe me. Enough people hate you. Enough people go, “He’s horrible. I will KILL him if I ever see him.” So if you get a majority of people that go, “I LIKE that.” You go, “Wow! OK! Somebody likes SOMETHING.” No, I don’t do it. But it isn’t like an insult, because people remember something that you did. That’s a GOOD thing.

AP: What do you see your future as?

Walker: Road comic. That’s it. Just a road guy `til I drop, which may be tomorrow. … Unless somebody, a friend of mine, gets a TV show and says, “Hey. This is my friend. Put him on.” That’s the only way THAT’LL happen. … Nobody’s looking for Jimmie Walker. (Laughs). No GOOD people, anyway. … (Steven) Spielberg’s not saying, “Boy. If we could get Jimmie Walker, that’s going to make this project happen.” … I have no problem being an uncle, a whacky uncle, a kooky neighbor _ whatever they want to do. … No starring role needed. Secondary’s fine.

AP: I understand you have some things to say about Leno (in the book).

Walker: Leno has not done well by the comedy community. Because he has not … let people on the show to do what was done for him. … I think that in his 30 years, he hasn’t broken one comic. And that’s a sad record. He needs to do better than that. And I’m not happy with that situation. I think that Leno has let us all down _ in that area. …

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