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Said DeRosa, “They’re very similar with the confidence level they have. Chipper was always a guy with the utmost confidence in himself, always wanted the big stage, always wanted the big moment against the best pitchers. This kid is no different. This kid is special.

“He’s going to get one or two years of 600-plus plate appearances to kind of sift through the league, figure out how guys are going to pitch him and then by the time he’s 21, 22 years old, you’re going to see a monster. That was kind of Chipper.”

By the time Harper gets there, Jones will be off enjoying whatever it is he plans to do in a well-earned retirement. The baton will have passed. There’s one, and only one, chance for Harper and Jones to be on the same side for a day.

That’s why Harper has to win this vote. Ignore the sore fingers, ignore the painful eyes. It’s only one more day. So go vote again. And again and again and again.