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It’s no surprise that seven sports on Maryland’s chopping block didn’t survive. At least men’s outdoor track was spared and all other scholarships and contacts will be honored. But the pain is no less. Athletic director Kevin Anderson said it was “one of the most difficult things I’ve ever experienced. … It’s a sad day.”

Mourn the Turtle.

• How NFL players complain about Roger Goodell’s power.

In “Bounty-gate,” the commissioner denied the appeals heard by the commissioner and he upheld the penalties issued by the commissioner. But here’s the kicker: The players union that OK’d the arrangement said it’s disappointed in the arrangement that the players union OK’d.

Confused? That must’ve been the players’ state when they agreed to the deal.

• Why Bradley Beal can’t become the Wizards’ Ray Allen.

Yes, Beal could flop like Adam Morrison, an all-time bust as a No. 3 pick. But Charlotte took Morrison six years ago and passed on Beal last week. That bodes well for Washington, which can use some good luck based on its draft history.

Allen is a stretch, but Wizards fans are hopeless if they can’t dream.

• How U.S. track officials sleep at night.

Unknown sprinter Jeneba Tarmoh beat superstar Allyson Felix by one-thousandth of a second to make the 100-meters team, but officials later called it a tie based on … wait for it … visual evidence! They concocted a tie-breaking system, but Tarmoh bowed out. “I almost feel like I was kind of robbed,” she said.

NBC and Nike were accomplices.

• How the U.S. men’s hoops team can stay pat.

Howard, Derrick Rose and Chris Bosh are out. Ditto Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh and Chauncey Billups. The first practice is Friday and more bodies would be nice, but might not be coming. “We have to play with the cards that are dealt,” USA Basketball chairman Jerry Colangelo said.

That’s like sticking on 16, but I still like our chances.

• Why Fred Davis didn’t hire a real attorney.

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