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Woods said she has turned to her uncle for occasional swing advice, but mostly relies on him for emotional support.

“Not necessarily advice, but support,” she said. “That’s probably the biggest thing I can get, his support. Knowing he’s excited I’m here and that feels good he’s there to support.”

Woods said she was in a baby stroller the first time she saw her uncle play in person, in 1992.

“That was the first time I ever watched,” she said. “I don’t remember it, but I was there.”

Through watching her uncle, she quickly developed a love of golf _ and the skills she hopes will turn it into a career.

“It’s something that I always wanted to do since I was five years old and I started playing golf,” she said. “Watching Tiger play as I grew up, I knew I wanted to get out there one day. When I did graduate from Wake Forest, I knew that was the next step. It was the next step in my career, and hopefully I’ll be here for a while.”

And she said she’s ready for the expectations and comparisons to continue, even if she doesn’t think they’re valid.

“I mean, I’ve always said that I’m going on my own path,” she said. “I have my own progression that I’ve taken. And just accomplishing my goals and doing what I can do, because Tiger is a very elite athlete. Not everybody can be Tiger Woods. So I just do what I can do to be the best that I can.”