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Kimball’s partnership with the company has forced him to be very open about his own struggles with diabetes, and that’s a challenge he’s chosen to embrace.

“If you hide it from the public, you’ll hide it from yourself,” Kimball said. “Being upfront about it forced me to deal with it, to sort of really pay attention to it. To be proactive about it.”

All the good will Kimball has engendered off the track has yet to help him much in IndyCar.

Kimball, now in his second full season in the series, has yet to score a top-5 finish in 25 career races. He did manage to put together three consecutive 8th-place finishes at Sao Paolo, Indianapolis and Belle Isle in Michigan. But Kimball was knocked out at Texas after just 29 laps, and last week he qualified 18th and finished 17th after battling a bronchial infection.

Still, battling diabetes has given Kimball a sense of perspective about his life and his burgeoning career. Kimball even makes it a point to throw a party every Oct. 16 for what he likes to call his “diabetes-versary.”

“I have the opportunity to do what I love. There’s no place I’d rather be than in a race car. But doing this with the diabetes community means that no matter how good or bad of a day I have on the race track, it’s still a good day if I’m out there competing and proving to just one kid that he can live his dream,” Kimball said.