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In return, other eurozone nations must implement sweeping reforms, he said.

Mr. Blair, who left office in 2007 and stood down as leader of the Labor Party, insists Britain could in the future join the euro.

Prime Minister David Cameron of the rival Conservative Party has vowed that won’t happen during his tenure.


Tymoshenko will not appearin court Monday

KIEV — Ukrainian opposition leader Yulia Tymoshenko will not appear in court Monday as scheduled, the prison service said, saving Ukraine - the co-host of the Euro 2012 soccer championships - added scandal shortly before the semifinals.

Mrs. Tymoshenko, whose sentencing last year to seven years in prison has prompted outraged European Union leaders to boycott tournament matches in Ukraine, has been in the hospital receiving treatment for back problems.

The prison service said Sunday it would abide by a recommendation from a visiting German doctor to keep Mrs. Tymoshenko in the hospital until her condition improves.

The former prime minister has complained of mistreatment since being sentenced in October in a controversial hearing relating to a disputed gas deal she arranged with Russia.

The European Union says she is a victim of political retribution, and some of its top officials have skipped the matches held in Ukraine, which is hosting the European soccer championships with Poland.

The two semifinal matches will be played Wednesday and Thursday.

Mrs. Tymoshenko was put on trial on separate tax evasion charges in April, in a hearing already twice adjourned because of her hospitalization.

A new court date was scheduled for Monday, and the Justice Ministry had sent a request to the prison service in the eastern city of Kharkiv - home to both her hospital and jail - requesting her attendance.


Premier cannot attend EU summit because of surgery

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