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Three models for blending the 150 players from the Tour and PGA Tour are under consideration, though two are considered the leading options.

In one model, the top 15 players from the Tour would start the three-tournament series with whatever money they earned that year. It would be enough money to guarantee their cards. Everyone else would start from scratch, meaning 35 cards would be up for grabs.

In the second model, the top 25 players from the Tour would be guaranteed their cards. They would join the others in the three-tournament series, with everyone starting from scratch, so only 25 cards would be at stake. The only thing the top 25 players from the Tour could lose, even if they missed every cut, would be their priority ranking for getting into tournaments.

That means the debate is whether to award 15 or 25 cards based on players’ season performance on the Tour.

Tour officials are going back to the player advisory councils on the PGA Tour and Tour, with hopes of arriving at a conclusion before the British Open next month.