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Theater: Source Festival

The Source Festival is the best place to see theater you won’t see anywhere else. A few years back, the festival hosted “Naked Women Sword Fighting,” which was exactly what it sounds like. That wasn’t the only play, mind you, but it is indicative of the boundary-busting nature of the festival. This year, you can watch Artistic Blind Dates (in which artists collaborate with strangers, who also happen to be artists); 10-minute plays (these often see one theme hammered hard, such as divorce in “Collateral Damage”); full-length works; and a talent show with a $100 grand prize. All the material is new, and very little of it is conventional.

Through Sunday at Source Theatre, 1835 14th St. NW

Phone: 202/204-7800


Fireworks: A Capitol Fourth

It is normally this Get Out author’s opinion that watching the fireworks on the National Mall ranks somewhere between suffering the brunch crowd in Georgetown and waiting in line at the DMV. But then, like those two experiences, it’s also a rite of passage for D.C. denizens. The truth is, if you haven’t suffered the sweating masses on the Mall at least once, you really should. The fireworks are some of the best in the country, and are about the only time when watching D.C. literally blow up tens of thousands of dollars of taxpayer money is mildly enjoyable. Music from the National Symphony Orchestra fleshes out the light show.

Wednesday on the National Mall