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European leaders are trying to take steps to prevent a eurozone meltdown, a move that could weaken the global economy. Mr. Obama discussed the situation in Europe with British Prime Minister David Cameron on Tuesday.


Reid donor charged with breaking campaign laws

CARSON CITY — A federal grand jury has indicted a Nevada developer with ties to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid on criminal charges related to campaign contributions.

The indictment Wednesday accuses Harvey Whittemore of devising a scheme to solicit campaign contributions from family members and employees in 2007 and skirt federal election-law limits by reimbursing them.

Federal Election Commission records show Mr. Whittemore, family members and employees of his former company, Wingfield Nevada Group Holding Co., contributing more than $100,000 in a single day to Mr. Reid in March 2007.

Mr. Reid’s office said in February that money donated to the Nevada Democrat has been given to charity. Mr. Whittemore also gave money to Nevada Republicans.


Media execs: Progress made in dispute over federal data

Media organization executives are citing progress in their dispute with the Labor Department over its proposal to require news organizations to use government computers to file stories on jobs data.

Testifying to the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee on Wednesday, Reuters and Bloomberg News officials revealed little detail about the movement they said occurred in talks with administration officials. Dow Jones and the Associated Press have also participated. The news organizations have fought the proposal to use government equipment.

Until now, data are given to reporters in a department “lock-up” room minutes before the official release so they can prepare their stories and then file them when the information is publicly released. The department had originally proposed requiring reporters to use government computers, not their own equipment.


Book: Military had no plans to use tapes of 9/11 planner

A new book says federal prosecutors were stunned to learn three years ago that the U.S. military had secretly recorded incriminating comments that declared Sept. 11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed made to fellow detainees, but was not planning to use them at military tribunals.

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