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“If you’re an unnamed source, you don’t speak for yourself and therefore, you don’t really speak for the team,” Sanchez said. “So, I didn’t really pay it any mind.”

Both Sanchez and Tannenbaum declined to speculate whether he would have remained on the team if the Jets had gone ahead and been able to sign Manning. Despite the minor flirtation with the idea, the Jets showed their faith in Sanchez in the end based on what he has accomplished in just three seasons.

“We’ve won a lot of football games with Mark as the starting quarterback of the New York Jets, and that’s really what convinced us,” Tannenbaum said. “It’s not a projection. It’s not a hope. It’s not an incremental leap of faith. It’s, `Here’s a three-year body of work.’”

Even if it has had some ups and downs, as Tannenbaum acknowledged.

“We don’t have blinders on,” he said. “It has to get better and we think it will get better and we think it will become more consistent going into Mark’s fourth year.”

In an effort to do that, Sanchez said he has visited former Jets quarterback Chad Pennington to try to pick up new offensive coordinator Tony Sparano’s system before offseason workouts begin. Sanchez is also eager to put last year’s failures behind him.

“Our first two years together, those are some of the best years the Jets have had in a long time,” Sanchez said. “So, they understand that, and they wouldn’t let one season change their view on me. They know how hard I’m going to work to come back next year and be the player that we all know I am, and we can be the team that we all know we are.”