- Associated Press - Saturday, March 17, 2012

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North Carolina just picked up the endorsement of porn fans.


One word: cheerleaders.

A porn website conducted a March Madness survey and found 22 percent of its “basketball fanatics” want the Tar Heels to go all the way. To New Orleans, we think. And either way, they want the cheerleaders there.

Filling out the Final Four were Duke (15 percent), Michigan State (14 percent), and Baylor (12 percent). Ohio State, Kansas, Kentucky and Syracuse split the rest the vote.

Resume normal setting.



Snoop Dogg is an Everyfan. And an Everyalum for that matter. Just about every shirt he’s ever been photographed in has a number on it, but we’re limiting the discussion here to sports jerseys. Pick a team _ Steelers, Raiders, Lakers, Knicks, Caps, Pens, Dodgers, Liverpool, Manchester United, even UMass-Lowell _ and chances are good he’s flown its colors at one time or another.

This being March, Snoop was rockin’ the burnt orange of Texas (No. 14) when he ran into AP entertainment writer Chris Talbott at the South By Southwest festival in Austin. But that doesn’t mean he’s picking the Longhorns.

Or sharing his bracket with just anybody.

Or even saying whether he filled one out.

In quick succession, the rapper gave a shout-out to VCU coach Shaka Smart _ “He’s my boy” _ and panned just about everyone else. “The 1s looked shaky today. Syracuse looked shaky. Kentucky got out. I ain’t seen Carolina. I don’t know. There’s some good teams out there, some real good teams that got heart and soul, you know what I’m saying? When it comes to basketball it’s about locking up. It’s five on five, you know what I’m saying? If I can beat you and I can `D’ you up and keep the game close, anything can happen at the end.

This,” Snoop said with a closing flourish, “is March Madness, baby.”

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