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Mr. Baker and National Harbor’s owners have argued their complex already has the road infrastructure, visitors and entertainment and retail venues to make a potential $1 billion casino an attractive, high-end destination.

They also haven’t been shy in touting the notion that a casino there would attract most of its visitors from the District, Virginia and points beyond — allowing the county and state to rake in millions in revenue without having it come exclusively from the pockets of Marylanders.

Supporters of the proposal must still convince lawmakers that the casino won’t draw business from the state’s other sites, particularly a planned slots casino in Baltimore.

Caesars Entertainment is leading a bid to build the Baltimore facility but some city officials have worried a National Harbor casino could draw the developer to Prince George’s instead.

Caesars executives testified Friday they are fully committed to the Baltimore project.

“It’s a big bill and there’s only a little bit of time left,” said Delegate Justin D. Ross, Prince George’s Democrat. “But I’ve seen bigger things pass in even less time.”