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Miss Seattle represents the city this summer at the Miss Washington pageant.


Workers sue colleague over $38.5M lottery prize

ELIZABETH — Five New Jersey construction workers are suing a former colleague who claims he was the sole winner of a $38.5 million Mega Millions lottery jackpot.

The workers say they and Americo Lopes were members of a weekly lottery pool. They say each person would contribute $2 and Lopes would buy the tickets.

Mr. Lopes says he played the lottery by himself and as a member of the pool. He claims the winning ticket in the November 2009 drawing was one he bought for himself.

Mr. Lopes chose the lump-sum payment option and received $24 million. The five plaintiffs are seeking an even split of that money, meaning they and Lopes would get $4 million each.

The trial in the civil lawsuit began Tuesday in Union County.


Guard dismisses charges against crash survivor

JUNEAU — The U.S. Coast Guard on Tuesday dismissed negligent homicide and other charges against the sole survivor of a 2010 helicopter crash off the Washington coast.

The decision in the case of Lt. Lance Leone was in line with the recommendations of an investigating officer, who oversaw a three-day military hearing in December. Lt. Leone was the co-pilot of the MH-60 Jayhawk helicopter flying from Astoria, Ore., to the crew’s base in Sitka, Alaska, when it crashed off the Washington coast in July 2010.

He was charged with negligent homicide, dereliction of duty and destruction of government property stemming from the crash, which killed pilot Sean Krueger and crewmen Brett Banks and Adam C. Hoke. The negligent homicide charges were related to Banks and Hoke.

Lt. Leone, who has earned a long list of Coast Guard awards and accolades, was the sole survivor. He recovered from injuries and had been cleared for flight re-training when he was charged.

The charge sheet alleged Lt. Leone failed to properly navigate the helicopter to avoid charted hazards and that he negligently failed to ensure it was flying at a higher altitude. It also claims he did “without proper authority, through neglect, destroy by causing the crash of CG-6017,” an aircraft valued at $18.3 million.

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