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That includes such toppings as tomatoes, onions, a pickle and celery salt.

Gault, still as slim as when he played wide receiver for the Bears, faced a bit of a predicament.

“I’m a vegetarian so I don’t eat beef,” he said. “They make me a special pizza because I don’t really eat cheese either. They always take care of me.”

Bell, who recently hosted a fundraiser for Obama at his home, said, “As soon as you walk through the door, you know that you are among Chicagoans because you feel an arm on your back and you feel a warmth in the air.”

Comedian Tom Dreesen served as informal host, as he’s done every year since the party began in 1987 as a way for transplanted Chicagoans to swap stories and bond over a taste of home.

“We’re hangout people, meaning no matter what we do after our job, after we shoot a scene, after we do our shows, we want to go someplace and hang out,” he said. “Of all the shows I’ve done, nothing excites me more than getting together with all my Chicago family.”