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Mr. McGregor was accused of offering large campaign contributions to legislators for their votes for gambling legislation. State Sen. Harri Anne Smith and former Sens. Larry Means and Jim Preuitt were accused of agreeing to accept bribes in return for their votes.


Denver authorities: Dead inmate was serial killer

DENVER | Denver authorities say a man convicted of three murders who died in prison in 1996 killed four other women and might be responsible for as many as 20 homicides.

Vincent Groves was convicted of killing Tammy Sue Woodrum in 1982 and was paroled in 1987. In 1990, he got life in prison for killing Juanita “Becky” Lovato and 20 years for the death of Diane Montoya Mancera.

Authorities say that by using DNA from one of those cases, crime analysts linked Groves to the slayings of three other women who were strangled in 1979. A detective says strong circumstantial evidence also ties him to a 1988 slaying.

The Denver Post reports that some of the women Groves targeted in Denver were prostitutes, while others were acquaintances.


Town on Lake Michigan fears losing historic ferry

LUDINGTON | A Lake Michigan town with a proud maritime history fears losing a local icon.

The S.S. Badger is the nation’s last steamship powered by coal. Federal regulators want the ferry to stop dumping waste ash into the lake during its May-to-October trips between its home port of Ludington, Mich., and Manitowoc, Wis.

Operators plan a switch to natural gas but are asking the Environmental Protection Agency for more time. If the standoff isn’t resolved this year, the Badger may be grounded.

Many in Ludington say the Badger is a big tourist draw and important to their history. A campaign called “Save our Ship” is rallying support.

Backers of a diesel-powered ferry in Muskegon say the Badger should have to play by the same rules as other vessels.


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