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He and other Texas officials saw the shooting as a state crime, requiring an autopsy by Dr. Rose’s office. The Secret Service and the first lady disagreed, and Kennedy’s body was flown to Bethesda Naval Hospital in Maryland, where an autopsy was done by pathologists James Humes and Thornton Boswell.

Conspiracy theorists have used their findings to try to support an array of claims about plots leading to Kennedy’s death.

Dr. Rose believed many of those theories wouldn’t have gained traction if he had been able to do his job.

“[He felt] the chain of evidence was lost, for one thing,” Marilyn Rose said. “It would have been helpful if other doctors who had worked on Kennedy would have been able to put in their expertise. Also the autopsy that was done was very inadequate.”


Bouncy houses cushion bear’s fall from tree

CONWAY — When a black bear climbed a tree in a central Arkansas city and refused to come down, authorities turned to unconventional rescue tools: bouncy houses.

Conway police spokeswoman La Tresha Woodruff said Foster the bear is named for the residential street where he holed himself up in a tree, straddled a branch and wouldn’t budge.

She said officials shot Foster with tranquilizer darts late Monday, causing him to fall asleep. They inflated two bouncy houses usually reserved for children’s parties beneath the tree. And then firefighters let loose with water from a fire hose, knocking the bear from his perch.

The edge of the inflatable houses broke Foster’s fall.

Ms. Woodruff said Foster wasn’t hurt. Wildlife officials plan to release him back into the wild.


Princeton to suspend frosh joining Greek organizations

PRINCETON — Princeton University says any freshman who joins, rushes, or pledges a fraternity or sorority starting this fall will face suspension.

The Ivy League school also says any students who solicit the participation of freshmen in Greek organizations will face the same punishment.

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