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Handlers and organizers said tests such as these are important for the dogs because they become certified and because that certification is crucial when a case goes to court.

Most of the dogs competing are German shepherds or Belgian Malinois.


Bride who faked cancer sentenced to time served

GOSHEN — An upstate New York woman who faked having cancer so donors would pay for her wedding and Caribbean honeymoon is being released after less than two months in jail.

Jessica Vega apologized Wednesday in Orange County Court for the scam. A prosecutor says she has paid back more than $13,000 to people she victimized.

The judge then sentenced her to time served. Vega was arrested April 3 and pleaded guilty to the scam three weeks later.

Her ex-husband says Vega will live with his family.

Vega claimed in 2010 that she was dying of leukemia and wanted a “dream wedding” to Michael O’Connell, the father of her baby.


Man describes hours trapped in part of cave

DAVENPORT — An Illinois man says he was surprised by the number of people who worked to rescue him while he was trapped in an Iowa cave over the weekend.

Twenty-year-old Logan Eliasen, of Port Byron, Ill., got trapped in a narrow part of a cave at Maquoketa Caves State Park while exploring during a camping trip. He was freed Saturday after being stuck for 20 hours.

Mr. Eliasen told the Quad-City Times he was surprised by the size of the rescue effort because he only saw two or three rescuers at once.

About a dozen people took turns crawling through 300 feet of twists and turns during the rescue effort. They chipped away at rock and tried to slide Mr. Eliasen out on a piece of plastic before he yanked himself loose.

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