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In the center of the dashboard is the AM/Fm stereo with a factory installed CB radio, after all, 1978 was in the midst of the ‘Good Buddy’ era.

As for the speedometer, ‘It’ll peg it,’ Mr. Fauver says, ‘No question.’

At the far right end of the dashboard is the glove compartment door through which an air conditioning duct protrudes. The trunk release is hidden inside the glove box.

Everything on the car works,’ he says, ‘even the clock.’

So on that sunny June day in 2002 Mr. Fauver purchased the car and happily cruised the 215 miles home with absolutely no problems, the 6.6-liter Trans Am V-8 pumping out 200 plus horsepower.

Once at home he put his new old car away for six months so that when he did register the muscular beast it would be as a 25-year-old antique car.

The Environmental Protection Agency fuel economy rating on the Pontiac is 14 city and 19 highway. In all their wisdom they declared the typical combined average would be 16 mpg and the estimated annual fuel cost would be $656.

Obviously, EPA had never anticipated $3 a gallon gasoline.