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The Nationals don’t plan to make public the timetable for Ramos‘ rehab. Douoguih said the range is six months to a year, though different for everyone. Much of it depends on how the muscles from the core through the hip and knee respond.

All are in agreement, however, it is an injury he can recover from as long as he dedicates himself to his rehab.

“It’s a big deal,” Moeller said. “It’s a very big deal, because you miss time, and you have questions in your brain, and there’s always things that can happen. But there is no real reason why, as a ballplayer, you shouldn’t be able to come back, as long as you put in the time.

“It’s not experimental [surgery] anymore. They do this daily. They’re very good at it. There is absolutely zero reason why he won’t come back just as good as he was before — if not better — because he will have worked harder.”