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Dyson chalked up Perez’s antics to “him just being him.”

“I think that’s just the way he is. That’s just him. If he needs that to get motivated, whatever. It was a little bit of disrespect,” Dyson said. “I guess he felt good striking me out. It’s not like he struck out Albert Pujols.”

Perez has been known to let loose with a primal scream after getting a save or pumping his fists in celebration. While it may annoy and even anger some of his opponents, the rebellious right-hander said he does it to motivate himself.

“(Winning) definitely gives me some leeway to do what I do,” he said. “Nobody wants to hear this from a last-place team. I mean, who cares, you’re in last place. You talk the talk, you have to walk the walk. We’re in first place right now, and it’s fun. I know that, if I’m blowing saves, I can’t do that stuff, either.

“I’m enjoying this. This is fun,” Perez continued. “It’s not very often you can go on a streak like this, especially in the big leagues, and pitch as well as I have been. Not trying to pump myself up, but it’s fun.”