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The goal is to have 72 cameras on county roads by the end of the summer.

County police spokeswoman Julie Park tweeted that a camera went live Tuesday in the 2500 block of Iverson Street and that another camera along Wheeler Road is scheduled to go live on Thursday. Both are in the Glassmanor community, Ms. Parker said.

Around the time the enforcement program was established, the county was dealing with fallout from inaccurate readings on cameras provided by Optotraffic. The town of Cheverly cut ties with the Lanham-based company after incidents such as a bicycle being clocked going 57 mph and an “invisible vehicle” traveling 76 mph.

Maj. Liberati said his department runs on-site tests for every camera that’s placed on the street, and if there’s a problem, the vendor is given the opportunity to fix it.

“If it isn’t working, it doesn’t go into service,” he said.