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The soap opera is also using the song “Volare” in a nod to Italian singer-songwriter Domenico Modugno, whose statue stands at the center of the piazza where the wedding procession was being shot. According to producers, the song represents how Hope is flying high with happiness at her wedding.

Locals also appreciated that “The Bold and the Beautiful” was giving a mini-boost to a region of Italy that is struggling economically. The show has brought in 16 crew members from the U.S., plus six actors, two publicists and the executive producer. They have also hired a 42-person film crew from a local company, as well as using local drivers and hotels.

It’s not the first time “The Bold and the Beautiful” has filmed on location in Italy. The show came to Lake Como in 1997, to Venice in 1999 and to Portofino in 2002.

The soap opera celebrated its 25th anniversary in March.


Palamara reported from London.