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It’s not “all over” until we stop fighting.

The temptation is to want to be angry, to hoard everything, to just walk away. But that’s exactly what evil wants us to do, because if we become bitter and selfish and separate, then evil has won.

So, join me in this pledge before God:

“I commit to be more loving, to be more generous, to work harder. I commit to give more of my blessings to others before the government can steal them from me. I commit to helping lift my neighbor’s spirit when the heavy hand of government comes crashing down. I commit to showing more love and being more bold in sharing my undying faith in God, even as oppressive government tries to silence me.

“I commit to redouble my efforts to preserve, restore and fight for freedom every step of the way. I know that freedom works. And I know that those who love freedom must work hard; that freedom fights; that freedom is costly. I will live honorably, encourage others, and use every political avenue to ensure that American principles prevail. I will do what it takes — to pay any price — for freedom.

“I will share the truth that marriage is sacred, and educate others to understand that it is only upon sound marriages that a sound nation is built. I will stand up for the helpless, be a voice for voiceless and loudly proclaim that every innocent human life has infinite value and limitless potential.

“With determined hearts and the right tools, I know that we can restore the beauty of our American landscape.

“I know that our God is a God of miracles, and that he has not abandoned us.

“Conservative ideas and moral values — America’s founding principles — are as true today as they were on election eve. With God’s help, I will always do my best to make sure those values are restored for future generations.”

Let this be our sacred vow.

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