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He spoke at the head of a conference table where about 20 others were gathered, with a black Islamist flag behind them.

The authenticity of the video could not be independently confirmed, but it was released on a website that carries al Qaeda and other militant statements, as well as on the al-Tawheed Brigade website.

The new opposition bloc, formed Nov. 11 in Qatar, is trying to allay fears of extremism within the rebellion.

A moderate cleric, Mouaz al-Khatib, was chosen as its leader in an attempt to establish the movement’s religious credentials with the public while countering more radical factions.

In Cairo, Mr. al-Khatib played down the significance of those who reject the alliance, saying, “we will keep in contact with them for more cooperation in the interest of the Syrian people.”

He also announced that the coalition would be headquartered in the Egyptian capital.

The coalition is gaining some traction internationally. France was the first Western nation to recognize it as the only legitimate representative of the Syrian people.

France also welcomed a member of the Syrian opposition as the country’s ambassador.

Turkey and the six-nation Gulf Cooperation Council also recognized the group as the representative of the Syrian people.