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Although Beckham is done playing for the Galaxy, it’s clear the global icon isn’t permanently leaving Hollywood. Beckham said his family considers it home, and he plans to “be at as many games as possible” next season.

“I’ll continue to support this club, because I love the players here,” Beckham said. “I love the fans. I love the ownership.”

When asked if he would miss Beckham, Arena smiled.

“He’ll be around,” Arena said. “David can talk about what David is doing, but I don’t think he’s leaving Los Angeles forever. He’ll still be here.”

When asked how Beckham would do as an MLS owner, Arena joked: “He might get rid of the coach. That might be one of his first acts as an owner.”

“I’m sure he’ll be very good,” Arena added. “My guess is David’s not going to be sitting behind a desk 12 hours a day in a management capacity. I think he’ll be a little bit apart, and come in when needed and do that. But I think his experience, his presence, his name is going to do wonders for whichever club he ends up being part of.”

When asked whether he could work for Beckham, Arena cracked: “I’ve been working for him for the last four years. I’m happy I’m getting a break for a little bit.”