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CIUDAD JUAREZ — Authorities in Mexico’s northern border state of Chihuahua said they have found 11 long-dead people in a mass grave and another eight who apparently were tortured and killed in recent days.

The state prosecutor’s office for missing people said 11 male bodies were found in Ejido Jesus Carranza, near the U.S. border about 25 miles southeast of Ciudad Juarez.

Officials said they apparently were buried two years ago, a time when the area was wracked with battles between drug gangs.

Officials said Sunday they also have found eight bodies tossed along a road near Rosales, about 120 miles southwest of Ojinaga, Texas. They had been shot in the head after being tortured, officials said. Some had been burned, beaten and had eyes carved out.


FARC accuses government of ‘staging’ battles

HAVANA — Colombia’s FARC rebels accused the Bogota government of staging fake battles as part of a “propaganda campaign” against the leftist insurgency, as both sides met for another day of peace talks Sunday.

The rebel group, which last week said it would unilaterally lay down its arms, accused the army of carrying out a “mock battle” last week to use as evidence of what the government calls FARC’s bad faith in the talks.

The rebel group on Sunday renewed its pledge to keep to its unilateral cease-fire, even though the government has not countered with a cease-fire plan of its own.

“We express our full compliance to unilateral cease offensive actions,” said FARC spokesman Ruben Zamora, as another day of negotiations got under way in Havana.

The FARC promised a unilateral two-month halt to military operations last Monday at the start of its latest negotiations with the government.

But independent experts have said it will prove impossible to verify whether FARC really adheres to the cease-fire without external monitoring.

The closely watched peace talks have raised hopes of ending Latin America’s longest-running insurgency.


Minority marks Albanian independence

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