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Like poutine and ice hockey, Serena Ryder has always been bigger in her native Canada than the U.S.

It’s our loss. On “Harmony,” the 28 year-old songwriter bounces from genre to genre like a chameleon, rasping her way through a soul ballad one minute and riding a thumping, indie-pop groove the next. She sounds comfortable and quirky throughout, and if stateside acceptance is what she’s craving, it doesn’t show. “Harmony” deserves our attention, but it isn’t an album that caters to the trends of the lower 48.

Her folk roots are on full display during the a cappella closer, “Nobody But You,” and the bluesy “Please Baby Please,” an aching, beautiful ballad laced with strings, co-ed harmonies and plenty of heartbreak. Those songs are gorgeous, but they mostly serve as the bridge between the old Miss Ryder — the one whose rootsy, acoustic-based albums have won several Juno Awards, the Canadian equivalent of the Grammy — and the poppy songbird whose voice soars through these ten new songs.

She channels Adele on “For You,” a smoky, sassy song with an arrangement that evokes a James Bond film, and commands her listeners to stomp their feet during the appropriately titled “Stompa,” which begins with a slow piano before moving into a buzzing, danceable verse. “Give yourself some room to move to the music you hear,” she sings. It’s good advice.

The bigger highlights are the tunes that show off her voice, a five-octave instrument with plenty of firepower in its upper register. “Fall” is the real show-stopper, and she rips into its sky-high chorus like a Motown diva, showing American listeners what they’ve been missing. Move over, Polaris; We’ve got a new Northern Star.