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It ultimately did not derail either player’s on-field productivity. French started six games and ranks third on the roster with 71 tackles. Snelson took over as a starter when John Howell was lost for the season in late September and is the Mids’ fifth-leading rusher with 273 yards.

And both will have something to fall back upon as military officers in the years to come, the rare understanding of a public humbling and how to move on from it and eventually thrive.

“Sometimes, for whatever reason, things like that happen in our lives. And you can take them on and grow from them and learn from them, and you can have that experience and be able to turn it into something positive later in life. Or you can let that cripple you and crumble the person you are,” Snelson said. “I think the spirit of our team and the spirit of the men around me, they weren’t going to let me do that.

“For a learning laboratory such as the academy, to experience something like that and to have that under my belt, I believe that’s something that’s going to help me later on.”