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Gen. Grisoli concluded: “Based on the evidence reviewed, I find that the coordination between the ATEC leadership and the Army G-2, was professional and that there was no undue or improper influence exerted by any member of the Army G-2 towards any member of ATEC.”

The Grisoli report itself shows that G-2 officials began complaining to ATEC, including its chief, Maj. Gen. Genaro Dellarocco, after they read the first report.

For example, on May 12, Lynn Schnurr, the G-2’s chief intelligence information officer, emailed a senior ATEC officer complaining about the recommendation that the Army provide Palantir servers to soldiers in Afghanistan. This email, the report said, kicked off “numerous emails and phone calls” between G-2 and ATEC leadership.

The next day, the ATEC executive officer emailed that he was rescinding the report and would provide Ms. Schnurr the draft of the new one.

The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee has launched an investigation into the Army’s handling of Palantir.

Mr. Hunter said: “The Army continues fielding a system with major capability gaps that soldiers are clamoring to fill and gaps for which off-the- shelf solutions currently exist.”