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With that task out of the way, work resumed on the Corvair. The Simpsons set a date to have the car completed. In June 1997 the National Corvair Convention was going to be at Lake Placid, N.Y. They wanted to show their car there.

Paint the color of the original was applied and completed in March 1997 and a new blue tinted windshield was installed.

So obsessed with authenticity, Mr. Simpson spent a cold wintry day in a Pennsylvania Corvair junk yard in search of five special screws to hold the air intake by the engine.

On June 14 the engine was bolted together.

Mrs. Simpson stood guard with a fire extinguisher and a camera as her husband fired up the engine in the freshly restored Corvair.

Monday and Tuesday were spent travelling the 550 miles to Lake Placid on backroads in the rain on 7.00x13-inch bias ply tires.

After cleaning the rain-soaked Corvair Mr. Simpson decided to enter his Corvair for judging to learn how good his restoration had been and what areas need improving.

Imagine his surprise when his Corvair was awarded a gold medal in the senior division. It’s a positive memory he recalls everytime he slides behind the leather-wrapped genuine simulated wood two-spoke steering wheel.