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He also sounds like he’s had enough, suggesting Texas may have some new starters on defense against the Mountaineers.

“If we’ve got four weeks of a guy missing tackles, we’ve got to start looking at another guy,” Brown said without identifying any specific players.

But he’s also sensitive about not tearing down his own players too much. Brown still needs a confident bunch to face Smith and the high-flying circus the Mountaineers call their offense.

Brown emphasized what he liked from his defense last week: an interception to set up an early touchdown and holding Oklahoma State to a late field goal that let Texas drive for the winning score with 29 seconds left.

“Nobody will give our defense credit this week. Everybody will bash them. Let’s give them credit for what they did,” Brown said.

West Virginia may have as much trouble handling Texas’ offense.

The Mountaineers gave up 700 yards of total offense against Baylor and now face Texas quarterback David Ash, who ranks second only to Smith nationally in pass efficiency. Ash passed for 304 yards against Oklahoma State, making him just the fourth quarterback in Texas history to post consecutive 300-yard games.

Smith urged his defense not to lose confidence. If the Mountaineers have to score 10 touchdowns again to win, so be it.

“I don’t want the defense to hold their heads (down) because it’s a team game,” Smith said. “Whatever it takes to get a victory is what we’ll do.”