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Maryland’s third quarterback nearly did some damage, too.

After the Wolfpack (5-2, 2-1) coaxed a 10-play field goal drive out of its struggling offense, Edsall subbed Rowe in. It was Maryland’s plan; if Hills got hurt and the Terps faced a two-minute drill, Rowe would be the Terps’ quarterback.

It took three plays to go from the Maryland 25 to inside the N.C. State 15, an efficient march to stun the Wolfpack. The Terps centered the ball, called timeout and called on Craddock to cap a drive teammate A.J. Francis couldn’t watch.

“I was listening for cheers and hoping that everything went well,” Francis said. “I heard cheer after cheer after cheer and then that last play I just kept my head down and sent a prayer up.”

And when the goalpost got in the way?

“I didn’t even know it hit the upright until I got in the locker room because I just heard my teammates screaming profanities,” Francis said.

There was reason for the Terps to curse their fate. For so much of the season, they have ground out tight victories. They nearly did again, with Craddock’s attempt nearly providing another triumph.

“I actually thought I hit it pretty well and then afterwards you don’t really think anything,” Craddock said.
After a setback-filled Saturday, he might not be the only Terp at a loss when looking back at the wild defeat.