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It said that in January 2010, he told another person: “There is no more pressing duty after the declaration of faith than fighting the enemy. Fighting comes before the other four pillars of faith.”

In July 2010, he stated: “Islam came for the good of humanity. So if someone doesn’t like good, we fight them, like those dog Americans.”

According to the complaint, Mr. Sayfildin — who also is known as Faruq Khalil Muhammad, Faruk Khalil Muhammad Isa and Sayfildin Tahir Sharif — also sought to conduct attacks himself and become a suicide bomber for the terrorist network.

He told his mother in November 2009 that his greatest wish was to die a martyr and be greeted by 70 virgins in paradise. The complaint also said Mr. Sayfildin volunteered to travel to Iraq, take up arms against the Americans and conduct a suicide mission.