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Mr. Romney and other conservative candidates have a historic opportunity to regain the youth vote or at least narrow the gap further.

Many of Mr. Romney’s economic policies mirror those of President Reagan. Reagan cut taxes 25 percent for all Americans, and Mr. Romney is offering a similar, 20 percent cut. After the Reagan cuts, youth unemployment dropped 43 percent by the end of his presidency, from 18.8 percent to 10.7 percent. Young Americans today could use similar relief.

Mr. Obama and his allies in higher education have left young Americans debt-ridden, unemployed and looking for answers. Conservative policies are the answer to ensure more jobs and less debt for our young people, and this is the message Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan should be delivering on American campuses: If you want to get hired, fire Barack Obama.

Celia Bigelow is the founder of Students Against Barack Obama, a project of American Majority Action. Ron Meyer is a spokesman for American Majority Action.