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Perez said the fugitive artist will speak with attendees via Skype at Friday’s gallery opening, but that Landeros would not speak with the media until then.

Perez said that he expects 200-300 people to stream through his 3,000-square-foot gallery Friday night to see paintings that he deems “revolutionary” in subject matter. One painting is of a half-skeletal person.

Landeros, who Perez says is in Mexico, posted a video on YouTube in August in which he explains that he didn’t intend to “destroy Pablo’s painting or to insult the Menil.” He said if he wanted to destroy it, he would have slashed it with a knife or burned it. Landeros also claimed the Picasso could be restored with “a little bit of Windex.”

Menil spokeswoman Gretchen Sammons said the institution had no comment on the show. She said restoration is still under way on the piece and they expect “a full recovery.”

Donna Hawkins, a Harris County assistant district attorney, said Landeros faces two to 10 years in prison and up to a $10,000 fine.