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With Griffin under center, the Redskins are almost never out of a game. But the Steelers contained the rookie QB as well as anyone has, keeping him in the pocket and not giving him too many chances to be creative. He managed a mere 8 rushing yards on six carries and, thanks in part to his receivers’ butter fingers, only had one completion to a wideout that was longer than 16 yards (a 21-yarder to Morgan).

How exactly did the Steelers accomplish this? “They were doing everything they could to disrupt the quarterback option,” guard Kory Lichtensteiger said. “A lot of pinching and stunts, stuff we hadn’t seen them do the last time we played them [in the 2011 preseason]. At times it worked, and at times we did what we were supposed to do and ran the ball well.”

That’s kind of the story of the 2012 Redskins. At times function at a fairly high level and at times they don’t. This was one of the times they didn’t. And so, halfway through Mike Shanahan’s third season, they remain a work in progress.