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13. Seattle _ Once I loved the Seattle defense. Now I don’t trust it. It couldn’t protect a fourth-quarter lead in Detroit, and it couldn’t protect it twice.

14. Minnesota _ The more Christian Ponder screws up, the more these guys are in trouble _ and he’s committing way too many mistakes now.

15. Dallas _ Hey, it’s a game of inches, and the Cowboys just found out. Mistakes, penalties, close calls, game management, you name it … these guys seem doomed to be mediocre.

16. Philadelphia _ Now it’s Michael Vick who may sit down? Uh-oh, the seat is getting warm under coach Andy Reid. Make Monday’s game in New Orleans a must-win.

17. Washington _ Memo to Kyle Shanahan: Forget about RG3 as a wide receiver. He can’t survive, and, frankly, neither can you.

18. Cincinnati _ Until they prove they can beat Baltimore or Pittsburgh, the Bengals can’t be taken seriously as playoff contenders.

19. Tampa Bay _ The Bucs looked so good in Minnesota I thought Joe Madden was running the offense.

20. Indianapolis _ Peyton Manning had three wins as a rookie. Andrew Luck has four … after seven games. Just saying.

21. St. Louis _ Now you know why the Rams opted out of returning to London in 2013-14.

22. Arizona _ Just my opinion, but with their first three picks in next year’s draft the Cardinals should choose offensive tackles.

23. Buffalo _ All that money spent on defense, and so little return.

24. Tennessee _ Just when you want to believe in these guys, they lose to Indianapolis … at home, no less.

25. New Orleans _ The more I see of this defense, the more I appreciate Gregg Williams. I don’t care if Jonathan Vilma plays. These guys flat-out stink.

26. San Diego _ No touchdowns in six straight quarters and no nothing in the Bolts’ last three fourth periods. America’s Finest City has one of its most underwhelming football teams.

27. Oakland _ Maybe the Raiders should designate Arrowhead Stadium as their home stadium.

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