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As typical with Sui, there also was a little punk edge. “Somehow it all comes together, even when you don’t think it will,” said Sui with a laugh in a preshow interview.

She was right: A leopard-print babydoll, a knit-ribbon lattice cardigan, a neoprene motorcycle jacket and a delicate toile voile top can indeed share the runway. “It’s opposite ends attracting,” she said.


If you think your wardrobe for next spring is complete, think again. Who couldn’t use a slew of bright metallic machine guns hanging from a nice black tank top?

Yep, machine guns. Jeremy Scott, the happily outrageous bad boy of fashion, did not disappoint his fans on Wednesday. And they were a lively bunch: The packed show included Paris Hilton, Tyra Banks, Adam Lambert and the Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte.

To explain the gun imagery, one should know that the show was loosely based on the Arab Spring. But as always with Scott, it was quite a mix.

“I kept hearing about the Arab Spring in the news,” he said backstage. “I wanted to use it _ the desert, the colors. But also I wanted to mix some elements of Harlem in there too. And there was an element of Rihanna, whom I’ve dressed.”

There was a lot of black and a lot of gold, though a sky blue also appeared in the form of snakeskin leather. Prints included what looked like a burning-flame motif. Other striking moments: A swimsuit/bodysuit with a huge face decorating the entire surface, and a long black crochet dress, leaving nothing to the imagination.

But it was Scott’s hyperactive imagination, of course, that drove the show. He’s not for everyone, but his fans seemed very satisfied.


Jocelyn Noveck contributed to this report.


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