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And it appears his goal of adding more races might not be fulfilled, and he’s toying with the idea of adding doubleheaders to some of the events. Bernard thinks doubleheaders will lead to more time on television, and the added exposure will help IndyCar turn a corner.

He also still has to make a decision on the use of aerokits next year _ he promised them, fans want them and owners are unanimously opposed. Bernard also might have a battle coming up with engine manufacturer Lotus, which had a humiliating first season in IndyCar and apparently wants to leave the series despite a long-term contract.

And on the track, drivers want Bernard to clean up some issues ranging from the drivers’ desire for additional horsepower and a complaint about a lack of consistency from first-year race director Beaux Barfield.

Although Barfield’s addition rectified the lack of trust that had grown between the paddock and former race director Brian Barnhart, not all of his calls _ or non-calls _ have been applauded.

“I think in some ways he’s a bit of a gunslinger, and for me, the consistency hasn’t been great,” said Dixon, who was on the receiving end of an incorrect call at Milwaukee that Barfield later apologized for.

“To give an assessment right now of him is kind of tough, and it’s probably the worst job on earth. Nobody else wants it. But I do like his enthusiasm, I like that he’s young. I just think he could play under the radar a lot more and not be so much of a showman. I don’t think that’s what that job is about.”