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And that show about the food trucks? I had to go to the TV Guide website on a computer to find out more.

As for the main listings, clicking on any program gets you a brief description, the kind you get in newspaper television guides or old printed editions of TV Guide magazine. You can add it to your Watchlist, request an alert or post it on a social network. That’s it.

One feature TV Guide might consider adding: The ability to click on a link to get all the other episodes of that show, including those on streaming or DVDs, as well as the other times that particular episode would be repeated on TV. I’d also like to see a list of each show’s key actors in the episode description, along with links to find out what other shows they appear in over the next two weeks.

Those features are available on TV Guide’s website, but not on the app.

TV Guide plans to add some of these features to its app at some point. To get it ready for the fall TV season, TV Guide says it had to focus on the features most requested, the ones most used on its website and those that might help it sell ads.

The TV Guide app beats checking static listings in a newspaper or the TV Guide Network on television. In many respects, it also beats the TV Guide website, as it doesn’t force me to get off my couch to find out what’s on. I can have the iPad right there, next to my remote control.

But it needs more to work as a personalized television guide.

The New Tonight section comes closest to offering that, but shows I said “I’ll Watch” don’t appear there, unless I’ve added them to my Watchlist as well. Same goes for shows I’ve requested alerts for. It’s also limited to a few hours that night _ not during the day, not the next night, not next weekend. There also isn’t a way to check off episodes I’d already watched, either on television or through streaming.

The TV Guide app is worth checking out, particularly for the way it brings together all aspects of television _ the traditional channels, online streaming and episodes on DVDs. It can certainly help to organize your television life. Just don’t expect it to take control quite yet.


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