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We are beginning to understand the extent of Chinese government firms’ pillaging of the resources of African countries, in league with their dictators. The People’s Liberation Army conducted a summer of missile demonstrations meant to intimidate China’s neighbors on all sides.

This is not a rain of dead cats — it is just the Chinese Communist Party’s current activities. If we were to go back beyond 12 months, the data would become unmanageable and the body count in at least the tens of millions.

President Reagan used to note that a fish rots from the head downward. When a country’s top leadership is selected in secret and not elected by the public, it has no legitimacy. Its illegitimacy spreads downward to the point where a corrupt local government official can commit a heinous act and the people have no recourse but armed rebellion. No one knows this more than the Chinese Communist Party rulers. It is no accident that virtually every one of the Red Revolutionary families has sent its next generation (and the family money) to safe havens in the West.

William C. Triplett II is former chief Republican counsel to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and co-author of “Bowing to Beijing” (Regnery, 2011).