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Minneapolis gunman’s family grew more concerned

- Associated Press - Saturday, September 29, 2012

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — The parents of a Minneapolis man who authorities say fatally shot five people at his workplace were so concerned about his growing paranoia two years ago that they enrolled in a course for families of the mentally ill.

A spokeswoman for the family of Andrew Engeldinger said Saturday that not long after Engeldinger's parents took the 12-week class, he cut off all contact with them. She says they continued to try contacting him, but were unsuccessful.

Engeldinger was fired Thursday before the rampage, after which police say he shot and killed himself.

Former employees and associates of Accent Signage Systems say the 36-year-old Engeldinger had recently become more erratic and belligerent.

He had worked there since the late 1990s, they said, and was once viewed as sharp, intelligent and private.

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