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An amateur video posted by activists Sunday showed night fighting in Aleppo.

“We want to liberate the city from these shabiha,” a man says in the background, referring to Syria‘s pro-Assad militiamen. In the video, what appears to be a rebel fighter fires projectiles from the cover of a hillside to the shouts of “God is Great” from others nearby.

Another video showed Syrian warplanes flying over Aleppo and heavy smoke rising from the city’s skyline.

Syria imposes tight restrictions on foreign reporters, and the authenticity of these videos could not be verified independently.

Also Sunday, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan urged Syria‘s allies to stop backing the Assad regime.

“We call on Russia, China and Iran, please review your stance,” Mr. Erdogan told a conference of his ruling Justice and Development Party.

“History will not forgive those who stand together with cruel regimes,” Mr. Erdogan said.

Turkey once had close ties with Damascus, but since the Syrian uprising began, Ankara has emerged as one of the strongest foreign backers of the Syrian opposition. Turkey has given shelter to tens of thousands of Syrian refugees, and Turkish soil has served as a crucial logistical center for rebel fighters since they captured several Syrian border crossings with Turkey over the summer.

Associated Press writers Albert Aji in Damascus, Karin Laub in Beirut and Suzan Fraser in Ankara, Turkey, contributed to this report.