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The acting director of the Pentagon’s Federal Voting Assistance Program, the official responsible for implementing the law and spending the money, told reporters the inspector general’s investigators had used outdated contact information.

“I strongly believe that voting assistance is the best that it has ever been,” Pam Mitchell said at a Pentagon briefing.

Mr. Eversole disputed her remarks.

“She may believe that, but data from the states shows otherwise,” he said.

A report last month from the Military Voter Protection Project found that military requests for absentee ballots were lower than in 2008 in key swing states like Virginia, North Carolina and Ohio. In those three states fewer than 2 percent of eligible military voters had requested absentee ballots, the report found.

Mr. Eversole called the results “shocking.”

The House Armed Services Committee staffer said Ms. Mitchell “will face some tough questions when she testifies” at the hearing next week.