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Philip Roth vs. Wikipedia? No contest.

The prize-winning author says he’s furious with the online encyclopedia over its entry about his novel “The Human Stain.”

In a letter posted Friday by the New Yorker, Mr. Roth says Wikipedia editors had said the book was inspired by the life of author Anatole Broyard.

Not true, Mr. Roth responded. The character was based on the late Melvin Turin of Princeton University.

Mr. Roth says he privately reported the error to Wikipedia and was told, to his amazement, that he needed a secondary source. So Mr. Roth made his case to the public.

By Friday afternoon, the Wikipedia entry had been updated to include Mr. Roth’s comments and to note that some had “incorrectly speculated” about the novel’s origins.

Two-book deal for best-seller Ed Klein

Ed Klein, known for his best-selling takedowns of Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton among others, has signed up for two more books.

Mr. Klein has an agreement with William Morrow and Co. for books on the powers behind “the left-wing political agenda” and on the 2016 presidential nominee of the Democratic Party. Mr. Klein’s Obama book, “The Amateur,” topped the New York Times’ hardcover best-seller list this summer. It was released by the conservative Regnery Publishing.

Morrow, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers, announced the deal Friday.

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