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“The United States wishes to make the best impression in its dealings with foreign governments and other groups and carries out lawfully its representational activities, including its diplomatic receptions, in as effective and as culturally appropriate a manner as possible,” the statement read.

“The department also does so fully mindful of its duties as the steward of the public resources entrusted to it.”

Procurement records don’t always provide details on what sorts of liquor the embassies are buying, but diplomats in Rio de Janeiro, Moscow and Bucharest all opted for whiskey. The Bucharest embassy bought Jack Daniels for its gratuities.

Not all embassies opted for booze as a diplomatic gesture. The embassy in Athens spent $7,300 on books by photographer Ansel Adams for Christmas gratuities, while the Tokyo embassy spent more than $50,000 on boxes of chocolates for holiday gratuities, records show. Then again, the Tokyo embassy also spent more than $22,000 on wine about a week before the shutdown began.

The State Department avoided sequestration-related furloughs this year, but officials warned about other possible impacts of spending cuts on foreign aid programs.