Tyson hopes to show Indy his new personality

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If Tyson sounds more contrite, more polite, he says it’s because he has a new perspective on what’s happened in the past. Tyson has no immediate plans to follow George Foreman back into the ring as he nears 50, but he wants to continue acting, whether it’s on stage, the small screen or the big screen.

He said he’s willing to do whatever it takes to become a star.

And strangely enough, the next chapter begins in Indianapolis, where he hopes to show everyone he has learned to enjoy his life rather than living it solely in the fast lane.

“I’m just happy to be existing in life, enjoying life the way I’m enjoying it now,” he said. “That’s awesome that people anticipated me not being here and I’m still here. So I’m sure you’re all happy that I chose to go another route and I’m sure I am.”

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