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The “activities of daily living” are a bit more stressful on the shoulders of professional baseball players, though.

“I guess the good thing about it, I strengthened it so much and it is so torn, it really can’t get worse,” Espinosa said. “As long as I stay on top of my rehab and continue to do my maintenance stuff to keep it stabilized, I’ll have zero problems.”

Espinosa isn’t the first name people think of when they think of the Nats. Some may even think a couple of months without him wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world. The team has a capable backup in Steve Lombardozzi.

The reality is, they’re a much better team with Espinosa playing. Just 25, he’s hit 21 and 17 home runs the past two seasons. Yes, he struck out a dizzying 189 times last season and not all of it can be blamed on the shoulder. He was only 1 for 15 in the postseason with seven strikeouts, much of which can be blamed on the shoulder.

He’s an excellent defensive player, and a 30-homer season isn’t out of the question. Sure, he’ll continue to strike out a good bit even with a healthy shoulder. But he’s a player who helps the Nats in the field and on offense.

Their chance of realizing their lofty 2013 goal is much better with him in the lineup every day. Healthy.

So they need to hope that shoulder holds up.