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If the game was not eventually tied to one of the most recognized creatures in the history of cinema, players would be bored stiff within 15 minutes of working through some of the deficient mechanics and redundancies.

Despite the mediocrity, a few areas shine, a little.

It’s definitely exciting to go hunting for Xenomorphs and watching these vicious killing machines burst in florescent green goo, especially with help from three other players in a co-operative mode.

Additionally, later in the story, a fan will find some cool moments and concepts tied to and expanding the franchise (reference the mysterious Xenomorph strain called the boilers).

I sort of even appreciated seeing a new version of the android Bishop, voiced by the original Aliens actor Lance Henriksen until but the character’s animations were so lame and Mr. Henriksen dialogue so routine, it was laughable.

However, for the serious gamer, who will rip through the solo campaign alone within six hours or so, he can take some respite diving into multiplayer, versus modes.

Each features taking turns as Marine or Xenomorph squads in mainly five-versus-five action with special attacks or weapons for each and include:

Team Deathmatch — It’s five minutes of chaos with kills translating to points for either Marines or aliens, and the top number taking home the win.

Escape — The Marines need to keep trying to get out of a location by unlocking areas, and the Xenomorphs have to stop them.

Extermination — Destroy underground egg clusters with above-ground explosive devices when soldiers occupy an area for a set amount of time. Of course, the aliens must prevent their offspring from getting fried. The team with the most clusters destroyed wins.

Survival — In my favorite mode, a Marine team must survive as long as possible against a constant attack by Xenomorphs. Teammates can revive a critically injured soldier, but don’t die early or you become an omniscient bystander during the round.

All of the multiplayer modes are certainly slanted to the firepower of the Marines while the Xenomorphs require a much more stealthy hit-and-run strategy to succeed, especially effective indoors.

I did enjoy looking at the various types of Xenomorphs here and the ability to customize the head and body while adding some very potent attacks during the multiplayer rounds.

When looking back at overall game release, the biggest mistake for Sega was releasing this Aliens adventure when Dead Space 3 was still oozing into the brains of players.

I’d give anything for Visceral Games to take a whack at the Alien franchise, just so I could stomp a glistening acid-spitter’s noggin.

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